List of free and open source software on Wikipedia and Creative Commons Search.


Gimp (GNU Image Manipulation Program): image retouching and editing tool

PhotoPrint (GNU/Linux, Windows): quick layout of multiple prints on single sheets of paper

Rawstudio (GNU/Linux, Mac): to store images in the high-quality RAW format

Hugin (GNU/Linux, Windows, Mac): panoramic images from multiple overlapping shots


Inkskape (GNU/Linux, Windows, Mac): two-dimensional vector graphics

Karbon 14 (GNU/Linux, Mac): alternative to Inkscape

Xara Xtreme (GNU/Linux, Windows): vector graphics

QCAD Community Edition (GNU/Linux): to draw 2D designs with very precise measurements. Supports .dxf


GAP (GNU/Linux, Windows): to create flipbook style animation from a series of pixmaps

CinePaint (GNU/Linux, Mac): frame-by-frame retouching of film

KToon (GNU/Linux): 2D animation toolkit

Synfig (Windows, Linux and MacOS X.): 2D animation software using a vector and bitmap artwork

Stopmotion (GNU/Linux): animation tool to make movies from a sequence of still images.

Pencil (GNU/Linux, Windows, Mac): a program designed to help artists draw traditional 2D animation.

Animata (Windows, Mac): real-time animation software, used to create interactive background projections


Blender (GNU/Linux, Windows, Mac) 3D graphics program with animation, video compositing, and game creation features

LuxRender(GNU/Linux, Windows, Mac): rendering system for physically correct image synthesis

K-3D (GNU/Linux, Windows, Mac): A 3D modeling and animation package that features a procedural engine.

Aqsis (GNU/Linux, Windows, Mac): A 3D rendering system

Wings 3D (GNU/Linux, Windows, Mac): A 3D modeler

YafaRay (GNU/Linux, Windows, Mac): A raytracing rendering system that can be used with Blender.


Scribus (GNU/Linux, Windows, Mac): desktop publishing application

TeX (GNU/Linux, Windows, Mac), for academic publishing

Pdftk (GNU/Linux, Windows, Mac): PDF files manipulation


Mixxx (GNU/Linux, Windows, Mac): to mix music using a personal computer

TerminatorX (GNU/Linux): realtime audio synthesizer

AlsaModularSynth: is a realtime modular synthesizer and effect processor

Seq24 Song Editor :is a minimal loop based midi sequencer

Sound Juicer (GNU/Linux): extract music data from audio CDs

Grip (GNU/Linux): CD ripper

Jackbeat (GNU/Linux, Mac): drum machine, available

Rosegarden (GNU/Linux): MIDI sequencer


Blender (GNU/Linux, Windows, Mac)

Avidemux (GNU/Linux, Windows, Mac): video-editing application

Open Movie Editor (GNU/Linux;): video-editing applications

Kdenlive (GNU/Linux, Mac): nonlinear video editor

LiVES (GNU/Linux, Mac): used by video jockeys (VJs)


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